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DECEMBER 2, 2021

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Dinner First Courses

Dinner Second Courses

Dinner Prix Fixe

{table snacks}

li'l biscuits, fancy italian ham, black truffle cheese 10

shrimp fritters, smoked paprika aioli 10
deviled eggs, smoked alaskan salmon 10


cheese, evoo crostini* 18

+2 wildflower honey/+2 candied pecans/+2 jam/ +2 castelvetrano olives

for the full cheese treatment +6

add cured meats +10



{first courses}

little gem caesar, lemon-peppercorn dressing, crunchy bread, parmigiano-reggiano* 12

winter salad, apple, honey-apple vinaigrette, hazelnut, arugula, roasted vegetables 12

chesapeake oysters, chicken fried, comeback sauce, fried lemons* 14

organic farro, in the style of risotto, parmigiano-reggiano, whipped ricotta, sweet peppers, herb sauce 12

burrata di campagna, triple cream burrata, preserved apricot mostarda, pistachio, balsamico 12

murakami sweet potato, “tostones”, urfa pepper-lime crema, sesame chili crisp 12

dayboat scallops, caramelized, aged balsamico, pea shoot-lemon coulis, hazelnuts 15


{pasta courses}

lemon tagliatelle, pamlico shrimp, piment d'espelette, basil, pangratatto, burro fuso 24

veal plin piemontese, brown butter, hazelnut, aged balsamico, parmigiano-reggiano 24

roasted leek & mushroom ravioli, crema di mascarpone, cracked peppercorn 24

pappardelle, pastured pork & veal ragu bolognese, parmigiano zabaglione 24

roasted pumpkin scarpetta, sage burro fuso, parmigiano-reggiano 24

ricotta gnocchi, parmigiano cream, black truffle cheese 24

herb & ricotta agnolotti, shimeji & trumpet mushroom ragu, confit garlic, parmigiano 24


{main courses}

roasted red snapper, king richard leeks, young bok choy, red miso “bagna cauda” lemon oil 30

creekstone beef, seared broccolini, parmigiano zabaglione, red wine sauce, fingerling potato* 34

roasted sea bass, pea shoots, trumpet mushrooms, hakurei turnips, hazelnut brown butter sauce 30

pastured pork collar, sweet potato puree, brussels sprouts, arrowleaf spinach, aged balsamico* 27



{for the table}

dirt candy, pistachio aillade 10

creamy polenta, whole lotta parm 10

fresh dug potatoes, roasted garlic, rosemary, lemon, cippolini 10




chef's spontaneous tasting menu {prepared for entire table}* 75/pp

wine pairing +48/pp


spontaneous pasta, vegetarian, or vegan tasting {prepared for entire table}* 69/pp

wine pairing +48/pp





not all ingredients are listed, please inform your server of all allergies and dietary restrictions

*consumption of raw or undercooked meat, fish, eggs, poultry or shellfish

may increase your risk of food borne illness.

20% gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more